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DIY: Medallion Bow

I made this medallion bow by following Martha Stewarts instructions. It would make a beautiful accessory for a flowergirl or boutonniere for the groom.

The medallion bow is really simple to make.

What you’ll need:
Ribbon / Fabric
Needle & thread
Brooch pin / Hair clip

Step 1:
Make a series of accordion folds (Martha used 1-inch folds), holding the folds in place with your fingers while you’re working. Finish with both ends of the ribbon facing the same direction. Hold together with a peg or hair pin while you thread the needle and knot it, leaving a 1-inch tail. Pass the needle and thread through the layers, centered horizontally and slightly above the edge.

Step 2:
Bring the ends of thread together and knot them, close to the ribbon. Cut off any excess thread. Glue ends of the ribbon together, covering the knot. Shift the folds so they’re evenly spaced.

Step 3:
Press the center of the bow to flatten it, rotating the folds in one direction.

Step 4: (Optional)
Postion and sew your button in the centre. Attach a brooch clip or hair clip to the back.

Bows & Ribbons – Martha Stewart Weddings

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  • One Second Needle

    Thanks for listing the steps needed to recreate this majestic-looking bow for a gift or wearing as a broach. Helpful post.


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