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Fun Wedding Games your Guests will love

Most weddings have a dance floor which means a lot dancing. For those that don’t have the stamina or vigor for all night dancing, give them something else to keep them entertained. Wedding party...

King Protea Bouquets

King Proteas were all the rage for 2016 and are marked to be the wedding flower of 2017. Proteas brings a sense of nature while being elegant and stately.

Rose Gold Wedding Cakes

Metallics were on trend for 2016 and are set to stay for 2017. Trending for 2017 are “naked cakes”/translucent cakes. Here’s some rose gold wedding cake to inspire you.

Doors at weddings on Instagram

I’ve been scrolling through the #weddingdoors hashtag on Instagram and here’s a look at my 8 favourite pictures. Perfect for your Spring/Summer/rustic outdoor wedding.

Best Apps for Planning your Wedding

Getting married, there’s an app for that! Granted, there are some apps that can do it all in one, but they’re all geared for the US vendors. So here’s a list of apps which can help you no matter where you are in the world.

Bayside Bridal Expo

Bayside Bridal Expo

JOIN US for A modern and exclusive Bridal Expo at The Bayside Mall, Tableview. Our main aim is to give consumers a central location where they can browse all the latest trends, fashion, services and products available on the market for any special occasion and wedding affair at their own leisure.