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DIY – Inspiration Boards

Many of us have been dreaming about our wedding day since we were little girls playing dress-up. I remember after my grandma washed the net curtains I would wrap it over my head and dance around the house with a clump of daisies from the garden.

And not much has changed, we may not have pillow cases or net curtains on our heads but I bet you have piles of magazines with the corners folded down and a file filled with cut-out pictures and sketches. Should I even mention the many websites with those lovely inspiration boards you’ve bookmarked?

Essentially, what we’ve been doing is making inspiration boards, of sorts. With everything going digital it should come as no surprise that you can now create your own inspiration boards online!

SampleBoard is a fairly new website which allows you to create what they call Digital Moodboards. It’s quick, easy and absolutely free!

It operates under 3 main steps: Organise (upload your pics), Create (drag, drop & crop) and Share & Export.

Once you’ve completed your Moodboard and shared it, send the link to your mother & bridesmaids or maybe your planner & decorator.

If you’re still stuck with what to add, just save it and come back to your board another day.

I especially liked looking at Moodboards others have made for their wedding in the “Creative Community” and the very usefull suppliers listed beside the board.

Now you’ve got a place to put all those images and ideas. What are you waiting for?!

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  • Rosslyn Tebbutt

    Thanks SA Wedding Guide for the wonderful post!Great to have fellow South Africans spreading the love ; )


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