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Hannes Uys Photography

Photography Style: Wedding photography with some zing. At Hannes Uys Photography we love to create emotive images that are rich with colour and well composed. We are inspired by the timeless and the classic without adhering to any rules.

Wedding Photography Approach: As wedding photographers we love the fact that each wedding is unique with its own inspiration and creative energy. We capture events as they unfold during the day and present them in our own distinctive photographic style.

Couples pay me to get the “moment” that others fail to see. Companies fly me to other countries to capture images that sell their multi-million rand projects. Individuals buy prints from me because they say its art. Personally I have a passion for creating pictures. Impressions. That might sound like a clich√©, but in my case it is true. To have passion is to have a powerful feeling about something, whether it is love, anger or joy. It is to show boundless enthusiasm – exactly what I have when it comes to photography. I just express myself better that way.

My website and blog will give you a feel of my style of photography.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer then I have found that couples that book me tend to posses the following characteristics (in no specific order):

  • They have an art that they love
  • They trust my aesthetic sense
  • They don’t like to be labelled as “average”
  • They have big goals in life

I am based in Gauteng, South Africa but travel for assignments or weddings.


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