The Beauty Department

The Beauty Department ( is a fantastically inspirational site about all things beauty. Their site has 6 basic sections, Tutorials, Hair, Makeup, Inspirations, Obsessions and This & That.

Tutorials cover all manner of topics including french twist braids, the perfect blow-dry for bangs (or fringe) and techniques to paint your nails in the latest colours and patterns. They have step-by-step instructions and pics, with a video tutorial for the more tricky lessons.

My favourite part of their Inspirations is the new “Fashion Fridays” where they’ll choose “a new shape, silhouette, neckline, etc… We’ll go over which hairstyles to pair the look with and why”. And as these lovely ladies said, “Hopefully this will help us all connect the gap between hair + fashion.”

To give you all a taste of what the talented ladies at TBD are doing, here is their how-to “Basic Bridal Beauty”. For the full step-by-step instructions click here.

Be sure to head over to the website and follow them daily.

[Sourced: The Beauty Department]

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