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Petals & flowers for your wedding favours …

Are you planning your wedding (or your client’s wedding) & keen to have a wonderful bouquet, flowers in your hair, petals on the pathway or aisle, flower girl baskets or pomanders for the bridesmaids, confetti & wedding favors for the guests?

Freeze dried petals & flowers add emotion …
.. and won’t deteriorate during your perfect day.

  • Freeze dried petals & flowers are completely natural, keeping 99% of the vibrancy, shape, colour & size of the fresh flower.
  • Freeze dried petals add quality & brio – they are far, far better than fresh or air dried petals.
  • Freeze drying your bouquet, or using freeze dried flowers as part of your display is uniquely practical & beautiful.
  • Order a sample of petals to feel & see the difference! Find out how we create the perfect petal & what colours are available today.

Bring back real confetti …

Freeze dried petals are completely biodegradable & do not stain clothing or carpets – they simply fade away to dust & are simply cleared up. So now you can be sure that your church or other venue will be happy to accept their use .. no more slippery mess from fresh petals, no more impossible to clear up rice or bits of paper. Just beautiful, colourful, real confetti.

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