legal requirementsLegal Requirements for Weddings in South Africa In South Africa, you will find a vast variety of venues in which to get married, from wine farms to majestic mountains, sun-soaked beaches to reverent places of worship. And, it's not difficult to get married here - all you really need is a Marriage Officer, a couple of witnesses and a person who wants to marry you! Making sure that your marriage is legal is pretty straightforward... [Read More...] Legal FAQsLegal FAQ's for Weddings in South Africa Do we have to get blood tests before we are married? Do we need to get a marriage licence before we are married? Do my fiance/fiancee and I need to be in South Africa for any length of time before the wedding? Do I have to get married indoors or under a roof? How can I obtain a copy of my marriage certificate? [Read More...] Beach Wedding Can I get married on a beach or anywhere outdoors? A marriage ceremony can take place almost anywhere, as long as the legal part of the ceremony is conducted or repeated in ... [Read More...] Beach Weddings More brides are opting for the beach wedding. Getting married on a beach is extremely romantic, fun and different. South Africa’s beaches are renowned for their beauty and cleanliness. There are a few things to take into consideration... [Read More...] SA LAWMarriage and South African Law Marriage is a union on many levels. It symbolises the love of two people who plan to spend the rest of their live together. It also creates a partnership or regime in the eyes of the law. The following three concepts are critical to the contractual marriage law: [Read More....] Sex-sex MarriagesSame-sex Marriages in South Africa On 30 November 2006, South Africa made world headlines when it became the fifth country in the world (and the first in Africa) to legalise marriage between two people of the same sex under the Civil Union Act. [Read More...] To Take His NameTo Take His Name or Not To Take His Name... ..That, in today’s world, seems to be the question which brides (and grooms) are googling more often. In South Africa a woman does not have to take the surname of her husband. It is also increasingly popular for the husband to change his surname to that of his wife or for both to double-barrell their surnames. There are, however, differences in the way men and women have to apply for these changes. [Read More...] Getting Married at Home Affairs The current economic client, as well as the increasing of number South Africans living abroad yet wanting their marriage recognised in South Africa, has seen an increase in vows being taken at Home Affairs. Whatever your reasons, here is what you need to know to arrange your wedding at Home Affairs. [Read More...]

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