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Candice-Leigh Arnot

Bridal hair and make-up is very different to everyday styling, therefore it makes perfect sense to use an artist who specialises in weddings. Candice Leigh understands that the beauty process does not only form part of your pampering, but also ensures that you, the bride, looks and feels truly radiant.

At the first meeting, Candice helps clients to define your their ‘look’, “we discuss personality, the dress and style of the wedding”. Once a basic style is finalised, a trial is scheduled for two to four weeks prior to the event.

Candice encourages clients to bring a family member or friend to the trial as it helps them relax and enjoy the pampering. During the trial, she experiments with various different hair and make-up styles to find the perfect combination. She recommends hair to be coloured and cut, if required, at least one to two weeks before the event and opting for multi-tonal colour or shading rather than a drastic change.

Healthy skin is imperative and Candice assists clients with a beauty routine to ensure the skin is in perfect condition. “A moisturised, glowing skin requires less make-up and it lasts much longer” says Candice. A tanning session can add to a balanced look and should be completed at least a week before the wedding day to prevent skin from being dry.

As part of the trial, Candice incorporates the client’s wedding accessories such as the veil, hair accessories, flowers and earrings. She spoils her clients with a touch-up kit for the big day containing samples of the make-up.

Candice Leigh is passionate about her career and will ensure your peace of mind, knowing that you will look like a princess. Her unique style will make your day special with meticulous attention to detail as you deserve only the best.

“I hope this inspires you to have a look through my portfolio and the services I have to offer. – Candice Leigh”

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