Wedding Etiquette

How to be the perfect guest:

RSVP Immediately! It is your most important obligation to respond to the invitation promptly. The hosts will be making many decisions based on the number of guests attending. Additionally, if you must cancel after you’ve accepted, do so as soon as possible.

Do not bring and do not ask if you can bring a date or your children. The invitation is addressed to the people invited. If you may bring a guest your invitation will specify “+ Guest”. Remember that the cost for each person attending a wedding is generally very high, so bringing unexpected guests is very impolite.

Whether you are attending the ceremony and/or the reception or not, you should still send a gift. Generally, gifts are sent in advance to the bride. You do not need to bring a gift the wedding. In fact, you have up until a year after the wedding to give a gift. If you receive an announcement after the wedding has taken place, you may send a gift if you wish, but you have no obligation to do so. It is nice to acknowledge the announcement with a card or a note expressing your best wishes.

Be on your BEST behaviour. Don’t be late! If a wedding invitation says that the ceremony will begin at 5pm, be sure to arrive there by 4:45pm so as to give yourself time to find a seat and get settled.
Avoid taking photographs during the ceremony. Leave that to the professionals and respect the sanctity of the ritual in front of you.
While a wedding is a time to enjoy yourself, no one appreciates a drunk guest embarrassing themselves. Drink alcohol in moderation.

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