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Nikki Meyer Photography

A little bit about myself…
I am a South African photographer based in Stellenbosch in the Western Cape. I completed a 4 year degree in Graphic Design at the university of Stellenbosch in 2006 with photography being one of my main subjects of study. I grew up with a fond love and fascination for photography, especially photo’s archival nature and ability to evoke emotion and memories decades after the split second in which the moment was captured.

Why I love what I am doing…
What makes wedding photography so special to me is the fact that as a photographer you work with real people in a natural setting (not models in an artificial studio setup). You meet a wide array of interesting people and have the special opportunity of creating a reflection of what is one of the most special days in a couple’s life. As a bonus you can capture all the interesting little bits on the side like an interesting décor piece or the expression on a little one’s face. With this comes an enormous responsibility which I take very seriously.

About my style…
I tend to shoot in a photo journalistic style. It is first and foremost important that the couple enjoy every second of the day (and it passes so quickly!), therefore my eye is always on the look out for an unexpected gesture or expression. Some people are naturally more relaxed in front of the lens and others prefer guidance as to what they need to ‘do’. However, I try to ensure that the mood in which I shoot is stressless and fun! The more relaxed the couple is and enjoying their day, the more spontaneous their photo’s!

T : +27 (0)74 293 3583

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