Marriage and South African Law

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  1. monique says:

    Hi i would like to find out i have only been married a month, but when my husband and i fill out forms it always states how are you married. Now i know that we used the Accrual system, is that in comunnity of property?

  2. sa wedding says:

    Dear Monique

    If you have been married by Accural System then that is how you are married.
    If you read the explanations in the above article, you’ll see that the Accural System is almost like being married in community of property, but….. not.
    I can only try to clear it up a little further for you like this:
    In The Accural System, what you and your husband had before your marriage will remain yours or his but whatever is acquired after your marriage is added and then divided by two.

    I hope this clears it up for you.

    Best Wishes,
    SA Wedding

  3. Etienne says:

    Being married with the application of the accrual system is legally a marriage out of community of property as both parties retain their separate estates.

    The application of the accrual system affords one party a claim against the other party’s estate at the dissolution of the marriage.

    The calculation of this claim has similarities with a marriage in community of property, but none of the disadvantages such as one estate for both spouses which can be attacked by creditors.

    Best regards,

  4. mientjie says:

    What does the law say if I want to marry my grandfathers sisters son?

  5. sa wedding says:

    Dear Mientjie,

    Please follow this link for a full list of whom you may not marry, provided by the Department of Home Affairs. (see column 2 for women who want to get married)

    Best Wishes,
    SA Wedding

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