Kids Table?

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  1. Shaistha says:

    I am at present creating Gift Boxes for 15 kids with their names on each box,who are attending a wedding of a bride I am working with.
    They will be at a separate table.
    I am including a colour/sticker book, mini puzzle, small packet of sweets, crayons & an A4 rolled paper( with the wedding theme in a border ) for the kids to draw something special if they wish for the Bridal Couple ) In that way they feel important and it will be a wonderful memory for the couple. Remember never to include noisey toys etc in kiddies boxes at a wedding, those are for parties.At a wedding, you want the kids to be occupied and content.

  2. Viv says:

    Hi there
    Thanks for bringing this up! My fiance & I each have a child from previous relationships and they’re part of our wedding… This kiddies table/ party pack idea is fantastic!!

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