Heritage Market Bridal Fair 2012

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  1. Megan S Bredenkamp says:

    To whom it may concern,

    How would one go about setting up a possible stand at your bridal fair. I am an image, wedding and etiquette consultant. I work with brides planning their weddings, doing their make up on the day along with make up coaching sessions. I also do a body shape analysis along with a colour coding and coach brides on what dress and lingerie best suit their them. I offer bridal party etiquette training too. I am looking to expand my business and advertise at bridal fairs. I would really appreciate some feed back on the possible requirements needed to set up a stand and/or advertise at your bridal fair. Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards
    Megan S Bredenkamp

  2. Candice S says:

    Dear Megan,

    The event you are requiring information for was hosted in May of 2012 as the dates show above. If you require info from the event organises for their future events, then please follow the link provided above under “For More Information”.

    Best Wishes,
    Candice S for SA Wedding Guide

  3. Megan S Bredenkamp says:

    Thanks Candice,

    I did a search for 2013 and this site popped up, I honestly didn’t double check the date on your site. Thank you for your help.

    Kind regards

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