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Functions for Africa

Functions for Africa decor and event specialists, deal with all functions requirements. We create all decor,draping and floral arrangements.

Functions for Africa is one of the most sought after decor and event specialists in KwaZulu-Natal. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, service excellence, creative and unique décor.

The Décor
The Functions for Africa team is made up of vastly experienced staff and they are happy to assist you with all your function requirements.

Our in-house staff designs all décor and floral arrangements. So one gets an entire service under one roof – you only have to deal with one supplier instead of six!! This guarantees a better and swifter service, less stress and better value for you, the client.

No matter what your function requirements, Functions For Africa can co-ordinate your event – paying close attention to every detail.

Head Office
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+27 (0)31 205 2211
+27 (0)31 205 4301
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+27 (0)31 202 4330

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