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DIY: Paper Fortune Cookies

A simple circle of patterned paper, adhesive, and a message are all that is needed to create a unique gift for your loved ones and wedding guests.

The talented Celeste Rockwood-Jones created these bright and colourful paper fortune cookies. Celeste has also added a freebie download of the 4 patterns and 10 quotations she has used. The best bit… it’s just SO easy to make.

For the freebie download please visit Design.Wash.Rinse.Repeat..

Five easy steps:

1) Print & trim circle pattern
2) Fold in half, without creasing
3) Pinch corners together
4) Tack centre together with adhesive
5) Insert fortune.

Your guests will love their favours!

Tip: Pack your fortune cookie into a chinese takeaway box with your favourite treat.

[Sourced: Design.Was.Rinse.Repeat]

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