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De La Rosa Photography

De La Rosa Photography is synonymous to excellence driven by passion for wonderful photography. Formed shortly after our wedding day, we just couldn’t get enough of the love and passion for photography & wedding ceremonies. As our saying goes:

‘capturing the moment with … PASSION’ .

We are passionate about wedding photography and family photography as per our gallery. Providing excellent service while we let you be at ease & enjoy your special day.

We are passionate devoted photographers, we use the candid, instantaneous style which is unique to the medium and gives the impression of a moment frozen in time and captured forever.

It’s suggestion of naturalistic realism could be invalidated if the subject looked at the camera because as photographers we consider ourselves to be invisible witnesses to the unfolding events, not their orchestrator. We tell the beautiful story of your special day, as we are ‘ drawing with light’ to the ambience of a room and to the bright outdoors. Using that available light to enhance the characters of our play. Our aim is to tell a story of the unique personalities according to our characters needs.

Let us share our PASSION as you enjoy your day.

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